2012 Barnesville Grand Prix Winners

Here is a list of winners for the Barnesville Grand Prix Drawing. The drawing was held on Friday, December 15 @ Wesbanco in Barnesville. The winning numbers were selected from all eligible participants and were drawn by John Rataiczak, Vice-President of the Barnesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

$25 in Barnesville Gold:

  1. Jeannie Davis, Powhatan Point, OH
  2. Tim Snyder, Belmont, OH
  3. Larry Welling, McMechen, WV
  4. Joe Allen, Bethesda, OH
  5. Cody Czabo, Barnesville, OH
  6. Susan Nesbitt, Barnesville, OH

$50 in Barnesville Gold plus a Free Entry to any 2013 Barnesville Grand Prix Series Race:

  1. Allan Olexa, Neffs, OH
  2. Misty Cruse, Barnesville, OH

Congratulations to all of you. And thank you to of this year’s race participants. We had a total of 1,300 people from 17 different states participate in all of the races and kids races combined! There were 70 people who did three out of the four and 25 who did all four!

The Santa Sprint laundry bags have arrived and are being delivered. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, feel free to contact us and we will make further arrangements to get it to you.

New for the upcoming 2013 race season: the Awards Banquet, although the word “banquet” may be too formal of a word. It will be held in February of 2014 at the Barnesville Park Youth Center. Participants completing all four races will get in free. Participants who have completed at least one can come for a $5.00 donation. Planning is in the early stages. The setting will be informal. Food will probably be pot luck and homemade. Trophies will be awarded for all 4/4 participants. Drawing for the Barnesville Gold will take place. Any left-over shirts, gloves, hats, bags etc. from the 2013 race season will be sold. Keep an eye out for banquet RSVP forms.